Our International Team

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Kieran Sweeney

CEO and Founder. Kieran is a technology investor and SME consultant. He also is COO of eDot Invest.


Nick Manning

Manager at eDot Connect. Nick is also a Business Analyst with eDot invest. He previously worked for a global telecoms company in the Caribbean,

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Min Yan

Accelerator Architect. Min Yan has an extensive educational background which she will bring to scale the companies within eDot Connect.


Zhen Wei

Zheng Wei holds a Master of law degree from Hainan Normal University as well as a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Harbin University of Science and Technology (HUST). Zheng Wei advises companies on the legal framework necessary to expand into the chinese market.

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Alan Devlin

COO and Founder. Alan has a long career in the technology industry. He also is a technology investor and CEO of eDot Invest. He is a regular speaker at technology conferences.

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Kiat Koon Tan

CRO of eDot Connect. She has extensive enterprise experience in the Asian Market. She connects members to the Asian Market

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Yunzhe Fan

East Asian Expansion Officer. An experienced business developer in the pharmaceutical sector Yunzhe is passionate about bringing scaling European companies to China.